Back 2 Basics (Edition 5) is an easy-to-read guide that simply explains the Australian VET system. Back 2 Basics includes quick facts, succinct information on different aspects of the Australian VET system and links to key resources, websites and related topics. It is a great starting point for prospective VET students, while also providing a foundation of VET information for the sector.:

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Read about the style elements of the VET Information Strategy and the rules around their use:

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Read how the VET Information Strategy is working to elevate the status of vocational education and training, including the creation and implementation of the real skills for real careers tagline:

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The pack contains red, blue, green, orange, pink and purple versions of the 'I will succeed my way' tagline in a JPG format: 'I will succeed my way' web banners


The pack contains blue, green, orange, pink, purple and red versions of the 'I will succeed my way' tagline in a rectangle JPG format: 'I will succeed my way' rectangle web banners


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Real skills for real careers case study: Jane Goodfellow

After losing hearing in one ear at age three, and then in her other ear in 2011, Jane Goodfellow was concerned she would have to give up her career as a VET teacher. However, this would not set her back and she has now spent more than two decades teaching and training others in early childhood.

"VET is a way for students to achieve their dreams," says Jane. "I’m especially inspired by those who overcome adversity to complete their course, such as those with disabilities, raising children on their own or facing cultural pressures."

Jane has completed a Master of Education with her research thesis on ‘including deaf children in mainstream schooling’. In recognition of outstanding achievements teaching VET, Jane won the 2017 VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year Award at the Australian Training Awards.

Real skills for real careers
case study: Avidity Training and Development

“For me personally, it’s about being part of creating change in our industries, getting people to realise their qualifications and create real change in people’s lives.” Simon Wiggins, CEO of the 2017 Small Training Provider of the Year, Avidity Training and Development.

Avidity is a registered training organisation (RTO) operating in Tasmania offering 20 qualifications, from Certificate I to Diploma level, including in business, leadership management, community services, health support services, hospitality and retail.

Real skills for real careers
case study: Jessica Baczynski

“My Australian Apprenticeship allowed me to fulfil my dreams of working on high fashion and catwalks within the industry.”

2014 ACT Apprentice of the Year Jessica Baczynski dream of a career in creative fashion came true thanks to her apprenticeship at the respected Cataldo’s Salon in Canberra. Since completing her Certificate III in Hairdressing through the Canberra Institute of Technology, Jess has worked at fashion festivals in Melbourne and Canberra, as well as on editorials and short films.


Real skills for real careers case study: Tyrone Pynor

“I never saw myself in 12 months going from a bank teller to film and television and that's all thanks to vocational education.”

Undertaking his Australian School-based Apprenticeship gave Tyrone practical experience of professional expectations, confidence and the chance to demonstrate his leadership skills. However, Tyrone realised that the business pathway was not his ultimate dream career. Wanting to pursue his passion for the creative arts, he successfully gained a traineeship with the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) studying a Certificate IV in Screen and Media.


Real skills for real careers case study: Jess Wooley

"Dad suggested that maybe I should do an apprenticeship and that’s pretty much when my whole life changed.”

Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador Jess Wooley has found herself working in a career that she loves after completing a Certificate III in Electrotechnology (Electrician) with SA Power Networks. Now a team leader, Jess sees herself doing further management training and perhaps some project management in the future.

Real skills for real careers case study: Rachel Bacon

After trying both university and vocational education and training (VET), International Sales and Business Manager, Rachel Bacon, found she thrived with the on-the-job learning that an Australian Apprenticeship provides. By completing an Australian Apprenticeship, a Diploma of Aeroskills (Avionics) and a Diploma of Management, Rachel is now working in her dream career in the aviation industry. There are many ways to succeed. Discover how Rachel gained real skills for a real career through her Australian Apprenticeship and VET qualifications.

Real skills for real careers case study: Matt Morrissey

A commitment to continual learning, together with a love of cooking for family and friends, was instrumental in vocational education and training (VET) graduate, Matt Morrissey’s decision to change his career to undertake a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery. Matt is now a Head Chef for the BentSpoke Brewing Company, something Matt describes as his dream role. There are many ways to succeed. Discover how Matt gained real skills for a real career through his Australian Apprenticeship.

Real skills for real careers case study: Nicola Lang

Nicola Lang never dreamt that she would undergo a complete career change in her late 40s. After completing a Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 nursing) at TAFE Queensland South West, Nicola is now in her dream job as an enrolled nurse at St Andrew’s Ipswich Private Hospital.

Real skills for real careers partnership case study: Adam Goodes

"I can do anything - by having a plan, by recruiting others to help me, and being true to who you are.”

GO Foundation Co-Founder Adam Goodes addresses adversity he has faced throughout his life, and explains the benefit of education.

Real skills for real careers partnership case study: Brooke Boney

"Whatever it is you want to be, you can absolutely have the life that you dream of and education is the driving force.”

Triple J/ABC Reporter Brooke Boney addresses adversity she has faced throughout her life, and explains the benefit of education.

Real skills for real careers partnership case study: Jake Thompson

"The ethos I've always carried with me is be the change that you want to see in the world because every single Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kid is born a superhero, we simply give them a cape and teach them how to fly.”

AIME Mentoring Head of Partnerships Jake Thompson addresses adversity he has faced throughout his life, and explains the benefit of education.

Kick-start Your Career in Sport

Thanks to vocational education and training, these AFL SportsReady graduates gained real skills for real careers and got their start in the Sporting Industry.

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: James Harmes

“VET has given me a great opportunity outside of football.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Jy Simpkin

“Vocation learning has helped me achieve my footy dreams.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Marcus Drum

“VET helped me carve a career in the football industry.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Jessica Tedge

“I work in the AFL licensing department, and VET helped me forge my career.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Ollie Wines

“I'm glad I chose VET.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Brent Prismall

“Vocational learning has had a positive impact on my career.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Rowena Stokes

“I'm the events manager at the AFL, and I got my start through VET.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Tayla Harris

“VET has provided me with so many opportunities.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Tom Lonergan

“I think you should give VET a go.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Kane Lambert

“VET has enabled me to have a balanced lifestyle.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Tyson Goldsack

“Vocational education and training gave me the tools to start my new business.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Mufaro Muneri

“This Program [VET] really opened me up, especially being able to go to meetings and be able to run it myself.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduates: Adam Kennedy & Matt Buntine

“I’m a massive advocate for doing anything outside of football that could benefit you whether it’s you know work experience or whether it’s in [AFL] SportsReady or any sort of program, it's certainly worthwhile just to see what life is outside of football.”

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduate: Chelsea Randall

"Jump on board the AFL SportsReady Traineeships because you just never know what’s going to happen or where it might lead you."

AFL SportsReady's VET Graduates: Liam Shiels & Ryan Schoenmakers

“If you have a balance outside footy, just to take your mind off it for a day or two, [it] definitely helps with your performance on match day.”

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real skills for real careers fact sheets and frequently asked questions (FAQs) have been developed to ensure up to date, comprehensive and practical information is accessible to those involved or interested in the Australian VET system. Each topic [listed below] includes both a fact sheet and a FAQ.

Factsheets (PDF Download)

Australian Apprenticeships
Australian Industry and Skills Committee
Australian VET Alumni
Awards and Competitions
Competency Based Training
Financial Assistance
Foundation Skills
Industry Skills
Learning Pathways
Preparing Secondary School Students for Work
Support Materials
Training Products
Unique Student Identifier
VET Acronyms
VET Contacts
VET Glossary
VET Quality Standards
VET Regulators
VET Websites
What Advisors Need to Know
What Employers Need to Know
What Students Need to Know

Episode 1: The Nurse 

Alex has had a keen interest in health for as long as she can remember. In high school she took up the opportunity to study nursing through TAFE and work part time in a nursing home. Affirming her passion for nursing, her vocational education and training (VET) qualifications also helped her gain early entry into a Bachelor of Nursing. She’s now working in her dream job.



Episode 2: The Web Developer

Jarrad was sure he was destined to be a teacher. During his high school work placements, he spent some time at a primary school and then at a graphic design firm. Impressed with his design skills, Jarrad’s supervisor offered him an apprenticeship. Despite never considering a career in design before, Jarrad discovered this was something he wanted to pursue. With stellar grades, Jarrad completed qualifications in Graphic Design and Web Development and was recognised by the Australian Training Awards for his work. He’s now running a successful design firm in Sydney and teaching Web Development and Graphic Design at TAFE.



Episode 3: The Chef

Stephanie grew up in a family passionate about food. While completing high school she found out she could turn her passion into more than just a hobby. Stephanie took on a school-based apprenticeship so she could make a career out of working in the hospitality industry. This meant she could start working and learning while finishing high school at the same time. While participating in a culinary competition, Stephanie was scouted and now works in a top restaurant in Swan Hill.


Episode 4: The Business Development Manager 

Rachel thought going to uni seemed like the way to go, but after discovering she could mesh her love for engineering with her love of aviation at TAFE, she switched gears. After working for 8 years at Qantas as an aircraft engineer, her skills and expertise in this area then enabled her to move into different areas of the industry. Now Rachel helps recruit the next generation of aircraft engineers.


Episode 5: The Program Manager 

It was in year 9 that Rory realised exams and uni were not for him. As he considered whether to drop out, a careers advisor urged him to look at VCAL options. Rory pursued vocational education which steered him to work how he works best: with people, in the real-world and working on his passion of supporting Indigenous programs. After high school, Rory started out his career working in the youth space, which has led him to his current position as a Manager of Indigenous Programs for a nationwide company.