One Week Left to Apply for the Australian Training Awards

May 24, 2019

One Week Left to Apply for the Australian Training Awards

For more than 25 years, excellence in vocational education and training (VET) has been celebrated at the annual Australian Training Awards.

The 2019 awards will be held on 21 November in Brisbane and will acknowledge and reward the outstanding achievements of VET graduates, VET practitioners, businesses, secondary schools, and registered training organisations for their contribution skilling Australia.

There are 18 categories, with seven categories available for direct entry nomination to the Australian Training Awards. Direct entry categories include:

Lifetime Achievement Award

“The Australian Training Awards are all about the finalists and their families, who have, in some cases, surmounted all odds to achieve greatness. I’m truly honoured to receive this amazing award.” – Marie Persson, 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award.

National Achievement Award

“It was an absolute honour to be even considered for this award, let along the national recipient for 2018. I am grateful to receive this honour. By honouring me, I think you have highlighted the vital role that vocational education plays across our society.” – Jennie Barrera, 2018 National Achievement Award.

Excellence in Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice Award

“So many Australians don’t have the language, literacy or numeracy skills, nor the confidence, to go from a position of ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’. That’s why I, and my colleagues, do what we do. It’s such an honour to receive this award and I give thanks to the Australian Training Awards Team.” – Lidia Lipkiewicz, 2018 Excellence in Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice Award.

Small Employer of the Year Award

“Winning the awards has been very uplifting for our workforce. The application process was extremely beneficial for us all to review and reflect on our established training systems and processes as well as the achievements of our staff- as a team and as individuals. Our clients and suppliers have also reacted very well to us winning the awards.” – Stuart Spencer, Spencer Constructions, 2018 Small Employer of the Year.

Australian Apprenticeships - Employer Award

“While the awards are great recognition of our combined efforts, we’re particularly proud of giving the first batch of apprentices pathways to work in Australia and globally.” – Jeff Connolly, Siemens Australia, 2018 Australian Apprenticeships - Employer Award.

School Pathways to VET Award

Winning in 2018 has been extremely positive for our students, our staff, graduates, local employers and the community generally. All stakeholders and partners have a sense of pride and achievement with this national recognition.” – Connie Watson, Busselton Senior High School, 2018 School Pathways to VET Award.

International Training Provider of the Year Award

“The flow-on effect of winning the award was national recognition, an enhanced reputation for the organisation, and ultimately an increase in enrolments. Potential students are able to act on their enrolment decision with confidence that they are dealing with one of the best TAFEs in Australia” – Vivienne King, Box Hill Institute Group, 2018 International Training Provider of the Year.

Applications for the above direct entry categories close on Friday 31 May 2019.

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Why apply?

For individuals, the awards can open up networks and career opportunities and provide you with the opportunity to become a member of the prestigious Australian VET Alumni.

For businesses and registered training organisations, the awards can propel you into the national spotlight, positioning you as a front-runner in skills and workforce development and leader in best practice, which sets you apart from the competition and makes you an employer, or registered training organisation of choice. Businesses and registered training organisations are also invited to join the Australian VET Alumni.