NRL VET Ambassadors travel to Groote Eylandt

Jul 17, 2018

The National Rugby League (NRL) have a long history of promoting vocational education and training (VET) through their work with the Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors program and their partnership with the Australian Government Department of Education and Training in showcasing real skills for real careers.

Recently, NRL VET Ambassadors Luke Williamson, Gavin Lester, Ray Thompson, Nick Kenny and Brendan Kenny, visited Groote Eylandt as part of the new Bush Fit Mob program. The Ambassadors also used this opportunity to share their VET pathway experiences, highlighting career opportunities to the local school communities.

Funded by the Anindilyakwa Land Council, Bush Fit Mob has been running for 12 months and aims to increase school attendance through engaging kids in sport and providing incentives for them to attend school.

"It’s a really important message that resonates with a lot of kids because there are a lot of challenges here for them to complete their education, and even more so to go beyond the schooling system and to achieve a trade or a university degree," said Nick. 

"Having people here from the NRL who’ve succeeded in their sporting profession, but have then gone on to achieve things in their post-football career, sends a clear message that with the right mindset and commitment, anything is possible and you can achieve great things in your post-schooling career."


To watch a video about the NRL’s experiences in Groote Eylandt, please click here: