National Student Outcomes Survey – Calling for RTOs to promote survey to students

Apr 20, 2018

The National Student Outcomes Survey, Australia’s largest survey of vocational education and training (VET) students, has expanded again, and this year NCVER will contact over 800 000 people who completed training in 2017 to participate in the survey. This means that some of your students are likely to be included in the survey.

This annual survey provides information on employment outcomes, training satisfaction, and the benefits and relevance of training. It benefits the VET sector by assisting students to make informed decisions about training (results are included on the MySkills website), and helps governments and training providers administer, plan and monitor the VET system.

If your students are involved in the survey, the NCVER will be contacting you to seek your assistance in promoting the survey to current students and recent graduates. The more responses obtained, the more robust the data, and the more likely the NCVER can provide your RTO with key statistics on your students’ satisfaction and outcomes. Students will complete the survey between May and August 2018.

Further information on the survey, including what information is collected and how responses will be reported is available at Frequently asked questions about the survey. Results from the previous years’ survey can be accessed from Student outcomes.