Have your say! Help improve the delivery of careers information in Australia

Dec 13, 2019

Presently, online information about career opportunities and pathways in Australia is provided across a myriad of websites published by a range of organisations such as governments, industry associations and bodies, businesses, education providers and training providers.

People searching for career pathways, employment outcomes, qualifications or salary guides, may gain varied results across these sites, and therefore find it difficult to find the information they need.

The National Careers Institute (the Institute) was established on 1 July 2019 to assist people to find accurate and authoritative careers information and advice on learning, training and work pathways.

One of the Institute’s key projects to achieve this goal is the design and development of a careers focused digital platform to deliver relevant, up to date careers information and empower people to make better career choices.

The Institute has commenced co-designing the digital platform by undertaking targeted research with career advisors, influencers, employers and career seekers – and welcomes your feedback.

To participate, please complete the ‘Career Journey Survey’ on the Institute's e-Hub.